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The Words They Choose: Scenes from My Classroom

  “Anarchy Dr. Beach…Anarchy.” One of the first questions I pose to the freshmen in my American Government & Citizenship class each fall is, ‘what is the purpose/role…

Animal Farm, Technology & Formative Assessment

written by Todd Beach “Obviously he would not have become a famous philosopher had he confined himself purely to listening to others… He just asked questions, especially to…

In Defense of ‘Teaching Students How to Write’

written by Todd Beach
special thanks to statistician Randy Bailey
“I could barely understand what the professor was talking about but I was very impressed… I thought teaching was a simple matter of telling the class what you knew and then testing them and giving them grades. Now I was learning how complicated the life of a teacher could be….” (McCourt, 2005:41)[1]

In my recent post, ‘Teaching Students How to Write’, some colleagues articulated skepticism regarding the process used in teaching students writing skills, while others had questions about the validity and reliability of student’s grades since they were provided additional opportunities to correct the deficiencies in their writing. I’d like to address both of these concerns and provide evidence, which defends the practice.

Teaching Students How to Write

How often do you have your students write?  This is one of the many paradoxes teachers struggle with when designing curriculum and instruction.  Since writing is a skill,…