written by Todd Beach

Followers of my previous site, Relentless Teaching, may be wondering why the change?  Well, long story short, I never ‘felt’ the previous title captured the spirit of my intentions for this venue.  This past summer my wife suggested Think. Teach. Inspire. as a new name for the site and it resonated with me.  I think the title is a good change and much more indicative of the true purpose of the writing for this site and I hope followers will agree.

cropped-Todd-Header1.jpgYou may have noticed (at least I hope you have) that I haven’t written in a while and that’s simply because my professional and family life was incredibly busy over the past year.  I have made some changes to my professional life in an attempt to carve out more time for writing so I’m hopeful this change is also good.

Thank you for reading – my aim is to post twice a month to this new site and I hope you’ll find it thoughtful, educational, and inspiring.